Virtual FD

Today’s business environment is complex, fast moving and highly competitive. To make the most of the opportunity, as business owners and directors you need a partner who is proactive, experienced and dependable. While delivering reliable and flexible day-to-day support, we also help you achieve your business goals through regular reviews and planning sessions. Our Virtual FD services will be delivered by a ‘real Finance Director’ with genuine experience of client side business and financial management.

We can assist you with:

  • Business planning, financial strategy and goal setting;
  • Business management and financial forecasting;
  • Raising business finance;
  • Business acquisitions and disposals.

We realise that being a director can be a lonely position often with no peers you can turn to. Our director, Chris Godden, can provide that missing support by being there when you need someone to bounce ideas off of.

“As the Virtual FD, Chris is able to attend regular meetings and will make time for a call whenever I need to talk to him. His down to earth approach demystifies the finance and makes it much easier to make the right decision” – Steve Sayers, Chief Executive, Windmill Hill City Farm